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Jaeger Von Herretts Fire  
AKC registered

I'm a working-dog. I come from the well known VON HERRETTS FIRE house . Always ready to work with my human best friends. I am definitely a fast learner, I love tricks and agility. I'm also extremely loyal, I have eyes only for my two human best friends and their two children. I have done extensive K9 training with my best friend and it is what I love the most. I'm also an excellent watchdog. I invite you to check out my beautiful portraits!

Luna Gunner Von Cuevas RetiredAKC registered

I'm the hunter of the family. I come from the GUNNER VON CUEVAS house. My favorite activity's are to go for long walks in the woods and chase any prey. Then, bring my prey to my best friends, it makes me so happy. When I am at home, I am the snuggle queen, I am very gentle and careful. And I love to please my human best friends. They only have to tell me once (or twice) for me to understand and get things done. I am a big lover and family dog. Also I am an excellent watch dog. I have excellent hearing and vision perfect. Go check my photos, I have an adorable puppy face!

092019 ODIN 3.JPG
Odin Gunner Von Herretts Fire  
AKC registered

I am the best family dog ever. I love kids and enjoy going everywhere with my family. I do my best to be in my best behavior at all time so I can go everywhere. I am also in love with Freya and like to play with her. We chase each other for hours. I am Jaeger and Luna's son. I think I definitely take more after my mom for my personality nevertheless I am as big and strong as my dad. Check my pictures to see what a cute bear I am !

Freya II Von Red Baron
AKC registered

I am the sweetest girl of the pack. Nevertheless, I am very protective to my best friend's kids. If there is someone I don't know that come to close I bark to alert my best friend. I don't trust people easily. My best friend says I am a good watch dog. My maternal instinct kicked in at early age, I love watching the kids playing and love their hugs. I am always looking to grab a snack and will eat just about everything. The kids spoil me with treats I love it! Check my pictures, I am darling!

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