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Preventing Food Issues 

Even though we feed our dogs plenty of food and treats each day, by nature, many of them will defend or guard their food. Here are some tips prevent food guarding from developing in your pup.

  • Don’t leave your dog’s food out all day.  Feed your pup the amount of food recommended by your breeder or veterinarian and take the food bowl up after he's had enough time to eat his food (usually about 15-20 minutes).  Do not overfeed your puppy.  You should be able to see the shadow of the ribs but not the ribs themselves.

  • Let your dog eat in peace. Dogs shouldn’t be bothered while they are eating.  Feed your dog in an area where kids & other pets won't bother them. Teach your children that the dog should be left alone when they’re eating or chewing on a bone.  If you have a busy household or have multiple dogs, feeding your puppy in his crate may be your best solution.

  • Your puppy will be healthier if you feed him/her at approximately the same time each morning and evening and DO NOT feed him/her table scraps.  


NOTE:  Feed your puppy a GOOD FOOD.  You will generally want to feed the diet your breeder recommends and increase the portions as needed for a healthy body shape.  You want to be able to see that the ribs are there but not extremely noticable. 
Based on information supplied by The German Shepherd Club Of America.
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